Art.. 1. These general terms are intended for regulation of relations between Economy&Time, represented from Atanas Nikolov, called below for brevity PROVIDER and the clients, called below USERS, on the e-shop „Economy&Time”, called below „Е-SHOP”.
Art.. 2. The provider delivers the goods and ensures rights on the users, provided in the law, in within on the good faith, the criteria and the terms, accepted in the practice, the user’s right or the commercial right.
Art. 3. (1) Users buy the goods offered by Е-SHOP through interface on the Provider, accessible on his page in Internet on address е, or other means for communication from distance. Purchase is made after payment of the price designated by the provider.
(2) According to Art. 3. (1), Provider shall deliver to the user the defined from him through interface goods.
(3) Users pay on the Provider remuneration for the goods supplied according to the terms,defined by the E-SHOP and the present general terms. Remuneration it is at size in the price, declared by the provider, on the address on E-SHOP at Internet.
(4) The provider delivers in electronically the ordered from users goods, immediately after payment.
Art. 4.(1) Order to used E-SHOP for purchase of goods, user should introduced chosen by him name and password for remote access,according the requested registration of E-SHOP.
(2) The name and password for a remote access shall be determined by the user through registration electronically in the provider's site.
(3) By filling of its data and pressing of buttons "Yes, I accept" and "Registration",the user declares that it is familiar with these general terms, agrees with their content and is obliges unconditionally to follow them.
Art. 5. Users carried the purchase by the following procedure: (1) Performing of registration in E-SHOP and providing the necessary data, if the user does not have to this moment with registration in E-SHOP. (2) Entry in system for performance of orders of E-SHOP, by identifying with a name and password
(3) Selecting of one or more from offered goods of E-SHOP and their addition to list with goods for purchase;
(4) Payment of price.
Art. 6. (1) Price of goods shall be determined by the Provider in profile of each good in site of E-SHOP. (2) The information provided users is current at the moment of her visualization of site of the Provider of E-SHOP.
Art. 7. (1) Goods offered by E-SHOP are digital, program products, printed out from user and not be subject of returning.
Art. 8. (1) Delivery of the good is done electronically immediately after payment confirmation on the terms set out in the provider's site e-shop.
Art. 9. (1) The present general terms can be amended by the Provider,about which last one will notify in appropriate way all users of E-Shop,which have registration.
Art. 10. The provider shall publish these General Terms of together with all amendments and supplements in them.
Art. 11. The present general terms shall be terminated in the following cases:
(1) at discontinuance activity of E-SHOP
(2) in case of deletion of the registration of user in site of E-SHOP
Art. 12. The eventual invalidity of any provision of these terms and conditions will not lead up to invalidity of carried purchases and sales on goods from E-SHOP.
Art. 13. The present general terms enter in force for all users of the 01/05/2014